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Request for installation of life science software module on QRIScloud HPC

This form has been developed to allow life science researchers across QCIF member institutions to request software modules to be installed or updated on the QRIScloud HPC clusters Awoonga and Flashlite as well as the UQ Cluster Tinaroo.

A list of modules that are already available centrally in /sw is available here:

The information you provide will allow QCIF to identify the applicability of the requested tool across the QCIF life science community as a whole and to help us in identifying resources that may be able to update/install the software for you. Submissions are reviewed fortnightly.

Please note that due to resourcing constraints, submitting a request for software installation using this form doesn't necessarily guarantee that assistance can be provided.

Note before completing the form that across QCIF members, your local eResearch team may be able to help, and in some cases have permissions to install software directly on our clusters. Additionally, please check out our guide about how to install software yourself

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