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Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) booking and registration

Staff and students from participating QCIF Member Universities can access to QIAGEN Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (QIAGEN IPA).  

From QIAGEN - “Quickly visualize and understand complex ‘omics data and perform insightful data analysis and interpretation by placing your experimental results within the context of biological systems.” 

To access IPA under this service, you will need to register below in order to have your professional email linked to the QCIF Licence. When your email address is linked, you will be required to book a session each time you wish to access IPA.

Access requires a local installation of the IPA client: 

Please ensure you have downloaded and installed the client before requesting access to IPA. Depending on your host institute this might require a separate request to your IT department. 

To know more about IPA, please visit:

Book a session

Only one (1) user can access IPA at the same time. To ensure fair usage by all, it is a requirement of this service to book a session and to use IPA only during that session. 
  Book A Timeslot

Register for an IPA account

(e.g, PhD student)
University affiliation
Data Type(s)
IPA experience level
Access to IPA is provided at no-cost to participating QCIF Member Univerisities. The service operates on a “fair use” basis:

Access to IPA is granted through application to QCIF Bioinformatics.
  • QCIF Bioinformatics reserves the right to refuse access on the basis of insufficient evidence of applicant belonging to a participating member University.
  • QCIF Bioinformatics may choose to contact student supervisors to confirm IPA access is required for the student's research activities.
  • QCIF Bioinformatics regularly reviews applications for IPA access. Best efforts to respond within 3 business days are applied.

Once granted access (an account with IPA) users agree to:
  • Download local IPA client
  • Work with local IT support for client install of the IPA client
  • Use Booking system to manage their IPA sessions. 

Once active in IPA, all other users are blocked from accessing IPA, therefore users agree to ONLY use IPA inside their requested time block (session).
  • QCIF Bioinformatics regularly reviews bookings and reserves the right to refuse booked sessions on the basis of providing fair access to IPA for all participating Universities.
  • Use of IPA outside of a booked session can result in the session being terminated without warning and for the user account to be suspended. 

QCIF Bioinformatics has no visibility on activity inside your IPA account however QCIF regularly monitors booking usage, booking frequency, booking overruns and no shows.

QCIF Bioinformatics has no visibility on the data you analyse inside IPA, all your data is held by QIAGEN

QCIF Bioinformatics will report usage statistics to participating Universities.
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